Debunking Gambling Myths



Gambling has been around for as long as people have been able to communicate. I’m sure there were cavemen who bet a woolly mammoth fur that one could run faster than the other. Yet, despite its longevity, gambling of any sort was often thrust into the shadows and for decades the only place you could freely bet was in Las Vegas, also known as Sin City.

However, a new day has dawned, and even sports betting, once the province of barroom wise guys who paid and collected with envelopes being slid under a table, is no longer verboten after the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) a few years ago. Now states in the US have the right to open up sportsbooks within their boundaries if they so choose, and its citizens can even play on mobile apps as long as they are within state lines.

So, let’s delve into a few gambling myths that are floating out in the ether and put them to bed once and for all.


The House Always Wins


If the house always won, nobody would venture inside a casino. The reason Vegas is lined with billion-dollar monoliths is because people do win money and that is the carrot dangling in front of each and every gambler when they walk through those opulent doors. Certainly, the odds are in the house’s favor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t diminish those odds if you know what to do and what to play.

Games of chance like slots, for example, are the surest way for you to lose your money. Most of the machines will return roughly 95 percent of your money but it’s simply death by a thousand cuts – a slow way to die. Sure, they can be entertaining and exciting which is why most people play them, along with the promise of a big jackpot if the moon and stars align, but those looking to take the house’s money know that it’s not a smart way to do it. You will receive more casino comp than at any other game but that’s because slot players pose the least amount of risk.

What you need to do is learn how to play table games that give you the best chance of winning, like blackjack where the house has only about a one-percent advantage. Baccarat is also another table game where the house’s advantage is equally as narrow. Pai gow is another game where you can get a fair shake at the table but remember not to get suckered into side bets that many of these games offer. The payoffs might intrigue you but over the long haul, they’ll bleed you.



All Online Sportsbook are Equal


Sports betting will give the average bettor much more bang for his buck than most other gambling options. If you restrict your wagering to a side or a total then you have a 50 percent chance of winning. The house slightly tips those odds in its favor by charging a commission of usually 10 percent on each bet, also known as the vigorish or vig, which means the bettor must win about 52 percent of the time to break even. However, where a blackjack hand only lasts a minute or two, a sports bet will give you action for hours on end.

And for those who are seeking the best sports betting options then all you need to do is look to the offshore markets. These online betting sites will not only give you access to thousands of betting options but will allow you to play from either your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or pc.

But remember this. All online sportsbooks are not equal. There are several out there with a proven track record of dependability, excellent customer service, ease of navigability, and timely payouts. The latter should be your primary concern because there are nefarious sites out there that will allow you to deposit freely but getting your money back when you win can be another story.

Make sure to do your homework before you send your money. There are independent websites out there that will give you the lowdown on every online book in the industry so take advantage of those options and get educated before you deposit!



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