A Look at How to Snatch Up the Best Casino Offers of 2020


Hasn’t this year really been a thorn in all of our sides? Being cooped up at home for most of the time and being so restricted in our movements and social interactions hasn’t been easy on anyone. Fortunately, not even all the bad stuff that happened this year could slow down online casinos and their offers.

It can even be said that they strived in this environment since playing in an online casino doesn’t require leaving the house to make the most of it and its deals. So, we’re having a look at casino offers, how they work, how you recognize a great deal and how you can snatch it up.

What’s a good casino offer?


You might ask yourself how you can tell if you came upon a good deal? Most online casinos nowadays offer match-up bonuses to double your deposit or throw in a three-figure number of free spins for popular slots, but what elevates an offer above all the rest?

When it comes to deposit offers, you should really look out for 200% bonuses and other great deals, because a 100% bonus is basically standard and you can find that anywhere. But if you really want to make the most of your deposit, you should concentrate more on the percentage than on the actual bonus amount.

Sure, there are tons of bonus offers that promise more than a thousand euros in bonus money to boost your wallet, but those offers might sometimes require you to deposit exactly that amount as well or even much more if it’s just a 50% bonus or even a 25% bonus.

What you want to look out for then is a deal that might not give you crazy amounts of extra money but instead makes your deposit count. And that can be a 200%, 300% or even 400% bonus. So, when you see an offer that states something along the lines of “deposit €10 and play with €50” you should get out your wallet and hit that casino!

Quality over quantity


It is a tried and true advice that less is often more and in the case of casino offers that mostly refers to the actual amount of bonus money. A lot of welcome offers will reel you in with an offer of “up to €1,500 on your first four deposits” and you’ll want to be extra careful with offers like that.

Because a lot of the time only the first deposit bonus here is really worth your while. In many cases your first deposit will be doubled or even tripled while the other three deposits will only grant you 50% or 25% bonuses. Fortunately, you won’t be obligated to make use of the whole package and can always forego the second to fourth deposit offers while making the most of the first deposit bonus.

As a rule of thumb, you should look out for any casino bonus deal that grants you a percentage of 100% or more on your deposit and you will be golden.

Careful with no deposit offers


When it comes to great casino deals, no deposit offers are still all the rage. But as is often the case with offers that seem too good to be true, there are also two sides to this little coin. Because while a no deposit bonus might look like an actual gift, online casinos are not really inclined to throw away their money.

So, the bonus conditions on no deposit offers are often extremely harsh and restrictive. The wagering conditions are crazy high and most of the time you are barely allowed to withdraw more money than what you were granted with the bonus.

No deposit deals are a great way to learn about an online casino and try it out in real money mode, but if you really want to boost your wallet and make the most of your casino offer, you’ll eventually have to make a deposit.

And while you’ll still have to wager your bonus, there aren’t usually any restrictions on withdrawals. So, if you’re lucky with your bonus money, you can really make it count.



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