Gambling Using Bitcoins: A Guide


Bitcoin is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) that was established in 2009. Bitcoins are stored in electronic wallets and can be traded on bitcoin exchanges. Improved technology and awareness have made Bitcoin more popular around the world.

With its popularity, the impact of Bitcoin has been felt with many countries beginning to embrace it. Besides, bitcoins are flexible and have a value which has made them acceptable in many markets and industries. Bitcoin combines economy and technology to provide a safer and more valuable currency.

According to several surveys conducted, you can use bitcoins to pay for online goods and services. The online gambling industry has recently been allowing Bitcoin in online casino games, poker, and bookies. 


A Guide on How to Gamble With Bitcoin on Casino Games


There are three steps involved when betting using bitcoins at a casino. These steps include:

  •             Purchasing some bitcoins.
  •             Choosing a bitcoin gambling operator.
  •             Depositing and withdrawing bitcoins.


Purchasing Bitcoins


Before playing any casino games using bitcoins, you will need a Nakitcoins wallet and some bitcoins. There are various ways of buying bitcoins. Bitcoins can be purchased using credit cards, debit cards, or through bank transfers. Nonetheless, unlike using debit cards or bank transfers, using credit cards to buy bitcoins is quite expensive.

A crypto wallet is similar to a bank account in that they both use blockchain technology. There are two significant types of cryptocurrency wallets: one you have complete control of and another that is hosted through third parties.  

Crypto wallets enable you to perform various functions such as paying for goods, depositing, and withdrawing funds.


Choosing A Bitcoin Gambling Operator


After creating your wallet and purchasing some bitcoins, you will need to find a trustworthy gambling operator that will accept bitcoins. Other than accepting bitcoins, there are many other factors to consider when selecting a reliable gambling operator.

The reputation and license of the gambling operator are essential factors to consider. This is because you do want to lose your bitcoins to an unlicensed operator who could con you. Another factor to consider is the different products offered by the gambling operator. Select a gambling operator that provides a casino option if you intend to play at a casino with your bitcoins.


Depositing and Withdrawing


The final step is to deposit the bitcoins. This step is simple, and the casino room will give you their address to their bitcoin wallet. Go to your wallet then send the number of bitcoins that you intend to play.

If you win, the withdrawing process is also simple. Open the cashier option of the gambling operator, then key in your bitcoin wallet address and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw. Most gambling operators will send you your winnings immediately.

One significant benefit of gambling using cryptocurrency is that your security and privacy is assured. Many BTC operators don’t ask for identification. This means that you can stay anonymous, especially if gambling is illegal in your country. Bitcoin transactions are secure provided you protect your wallet from hackers.




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