Big Bang Slot Review


Get lost in outer space with Big Bang slot – play from just 25p a spin, enjoy the progressive multiplier (more on that later), and the out of this world wins that are possible – it seems like NetEnt’s created yet another stellar slot.


Core Features of Big Bang Slot


The theme and graphics not to mention the futuristic, techno-lite sounds of the soundtrack, are bound to grab you.


Software: NetEnt Double option: No
RTP: 96% Mobile version: Yes
Progressive: No Coin value: 0.01 – 2.00
Autoplay: Yes Bet value: 25p-£20
Quick spin: No Max. bet: £20
Reels: 5 Free spins: No
Paylines: 25 Bonus round: No


Big Bang Slot Gameplay


As you might have seen from the table above, there aren’t really any free spins or bonus ‘rounds’ to speak of here, but hear us out. This is a really cool game, and pretty rewarding at that, too. We’ll explain further in a minute, but take our word for it: you should be playing Big Bang slot.

  • The minimum bet available is 20p, and the maximum bet available is £20,
  • There are 25 lines to play, and 4 levels of play to choose from (each of which obviously increase your coin size),
  • The RTP of Big Bang is 96%, making it a medium-high variance slot.
  • The autoplay function allows you to set 10, 25, 50 or 75 spins, and there are advanced options available, where players can set their loss limit, win limits and more. It’s pretty cool!
  • As your winning streaks increase, so do your multipliers – you’ll see them on the side of the reels, and you’ll see them increase (between x1 – x32) the more you win.


Big Bang Slot Symbols


The symbols in the game are – unsurprisingly – planet and deep space-themed, with even the Wild symbol displaying an animated sun (complete with gas cloud and burning atmosphere) with the word ‘WILD’ slathered across it. There‘s no Scatter symbol that we could see – but there are those aforementioned progressive multipliers!


Four highest value symbols:

  • Burning red sun – spin it on 5 reels for 1000 coins, on 4 reels for 150 coins, or 3 reels for 20 coins,
  • Yellow ringed planet with orbiting moons – spin it on 5 reels for 700 coins, on 4 reels for 100 coins and on 3 reels for 15 coins,
  • Green planet with gas cloud and orbiting moons – spin it on 5 reels for 500 coins, on 4 reels for 90 coins, or on 3 reels for 10 coins.


Three lowest value symbols:

  • Q – spin it on 5 reels for 50 coins, on 4 reels for 15 coins or on 3 reels for 3 coins,
  • J – spin it on 5 reels for 50 coins, on 4 reels for 10 coins or on 3 reels for 2 coins,
  • 10 – spin it on 5 reels for 50 coins, on 4 reels for 10 coins or on 3 reels for 2 coins.


Bonuses and Free Spins


As we mentioned above, there’s no separate Bonus round or Free Spins (sob) to look forward to in Big Bang. But – and this is something that we haven’t really seen so much of in the past, and remember, we’ve seen a LOT of online slot games – is the uber-cool progressive multiplier feature on the side of the base game.

As you spin, you’ll notice that the more often you win, the higher you’ll go up the ladder. Basically, the longer your winning streak, the higher you’ll go. If you’re lucky enough to hit 5 wins in a row, you’ll find yourself with a rather lucrative x32 multiplier – which can really, really boost your bankroll. If you’re lucky enough to spin more than 5 consecutive wins, you’ll be getting that x32 multiplier on each win. With the bright, semi-diso-like graphics blinking at you, you’ll be pretty excited to get the progressive multiplier ladder going.


Graphics and Sounds


The graphics are, in short, futuristic – and state of the art. Think about it, have you ever seen a NetEnt game that wasn’t fantastic to look at? Even in its simplicity, the Big Bang slot (much like another NetEnt slot, Starburst) looks fantastic, The graphics are crystal clear, and really promote the space theme – even the lower value symbols look great.

When you move onto a higher level in the progressive multiplier metre, you’ll see some lovely colours flashing up, which changes to all the colours of the rainbow the further you go up the metre.

The sounds are what really got us though. The general soundtrack as you spin the reels is definitely futuristic – all dings and cyber-style techno-beats. When you spin a  winner, or when you rise through the progressive multiplier metre, you’ll be treated to even more futuristic, cyber-like sounds. It’s pretty cool!


Bottom Line


While we really enjoyed playing Big Bang slot, we can see how it might frustrate some players. There have been complaints online of never getting past the x4 multiplier in the progressive multiplier metre, but we managed to reach x32 a couple of times, as well as x16 and x8 a fair few times.

Otherwise, this is really a game for anyone who’s a fan of outer space. Or space-style slots, like NetEnt’s other deep-space offering, massively worldwide fan-favourite Starburst, which also has just one or two exciting extra features and no bonus round.

Ultimately this high-medium variance slot is good for people who like to win, and then keep chasing that win. It would also be ideal for anyone who’s a beginner-intermediate slots player; we suspect that serious slots players might find this one a little lacking, but the our team enjoyed it enough!

Overall, we recommend Big Bang slot to anyone who’s a fan of NetEnt’s work, and like to see their latest games, or who like their slot games with just the right amount of extra stuff thrown in.



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