Online Gambling Expansion Around the World Benefits Entire Industry


While the world struggles in a fight for or against globalism, the online casino industry would stand to gain great benefits from a global Internet gambling community.

We are starting to see a rapid expansion of online gambling across the globe. This expansion figures to benefit the entire online casino gambling community as top software developers move to create more content to meet the needs of different cultures. While companies like NetEnt and Microgaming are used to creating games intended for a largely European audience, a move into areas like Argentina, the United States and certain parts of Asia will challenge game developers to consider different themes.

Let’s take a quick look at expansion news from around the globe.


Buenos Aires Looking to Approve Online Casino Gambling

While several areas in Argentina have benefitted by the tax revenues created by online gambling, the province area around Buenos Aires (largest city in Argentina) have been sitting on the sidelines. After an apparent change of heart, it looks like Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal is ready to let the province’s residents join the fray. According to (media outlet), the local legislature is processing a bill that would allow the licensing of as many as seven online casino and sports wagering operators to operate in the Buenos Aires region. Based on the corresponding 2019 budget proposal, tax revenues of 15% would be assessed, which would provide a significant boost to the Buenos Aires economy.


US Sees Possible Online Casino Gambling in Virginia

After watching neighboring state Maryland rake in record income from state online gaming operations, the legislature in Virginia is looking to pass legislation that would permit its residents to enjoy casino gambling in land-based casinos. It’s worth noting that much of the gaming revenues from the MGM National Harbor Resort and Casino in Maryland are coming from Northern Virginia’s densely populated and affluent counties. On the heels of this news, there’s growing pressure for the Virginia legislature to consider proposals that have been placed on the table. Chief among these proposals is one from a developer who wishes to develop a small vacated mall in Bristol, which sits in the southwestern part of the state. The Virginia legislature will be reconvening in January 2019.

If both Maryland and Virginia were to follow the actions of states like Delaware and New Jersey, it would only be a short time before online casino gambling would-be set-in place. This figures to be the normal progression in the US as legalized casino gambling moves from one state to the next.


European Gaming Congress Holds Inaugural Conference

As a testament to the growing popularity of online casino gambling across Europe, the European Gaming Congress held its first annual convention. The event took placeon 16 October at the Grand Union Hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia. Much of the conference was spent with participants exchanging ideas and developing joint plans for the future development. Based on the resounding success of the conference, next year’s conference in Milan, Italy figures to draw an increasingly large group of future online casino participants, representing the best online casinos in the world.



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