Online Casino Trends Heading Into 2019


The future of casinos holds many benefits for gamblers due to the introduction of blockchain technology that enables new ways for games to be played. The crypto space is going to take over the whole sector eventually as the tech makes possible things that were not available before it was introduced to the world. It is not just the business model that is going to undergo a huge transformation as we are entering into the world of virtual reality which will soon become mainstream due to many advances made in the last few years. Below are the trends to look out for heading into 2019 and what to expect in the future.


Land-based Based Model Failure


When land-based casinos were first introduced all owners had to do was to open the doors to become extremely successful. Times have changed and the gambling habits of punters are now far different than ever before thanks to new technological advances. Now punters can make bets while still in bed or when they have a down moment at work within a couple of clicks thanks to gambling apps. Expect to see even more closures of land-based casinos over the coming years and only those situation in prime gambling regions will survive.


Greater Choice Than Before


It has never been as good before for gamblers as there is more choice than ever before. Bets can be made on practically anything and new gambling games using the latest technology are transforming the industry. Before the sector used to be dominated by a few of the large gambling companies but now due to innovation happening at breakneck speed it has allowed for an influx of other new operators to enter the space. Now no matter what game or wagering option you prefer, you will find a huge volume of choice to choose from here.


Blockchain Power


Bitcoin has been available as a payment option for many years now and it started the industry exploring the possibilities using the technology behind it called The Blockchain. It has produced some staggering results changing the way that profits are made along with complete transparency. Already we are seeing a number of newly released that are powered by crypto that gives gamblers an equal chance of winning due to having a zero house edge. This breakthrough will scare the big casino operators as it makes their business model dormant. Expect to see huge disruptions in the sector during 2019 due to the use of this type of technology.


Virtual Reality Finally Here


It has been greatly surprising how long it has taken for VR technology to get to a standard great enough to wow those that use it. Finally, that day has arrived and it is developing at a rapid rate due to the growth it is experiencing. The cost at present is one of the things holding the industry down but that is coming down fast and by the end of 2019, this technology should be affordable to most people.




Many of the worlds largest operators are struggling to keep up with the latest developments and with peer to peer gambling expected to see big rises in demand over the next few years along with new smart contract platforms, they are in a battle that they will struggle to win. A new type of industry is rising and soon it will completely transform one of the worlds largest sectors for the better.


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