Jackpot Still Not Hit on Vegas Slot After 20 Years


One of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas these days is not the billions of lights and scores of well reviewed shows, it’s a slot machine located at MGM Grand that has not paid off a jackpot in almost two decades. The slot is called Lion’s Share and has developed quite a following both locally and worldwide. The antiquated 3 reel machine has a Facebook page, a twitter account and numerous fan pages as well as message boards devoted to those that are fanatics.

The jackpot is currently over $2.3 million which is more than double the initial amount. In fact, the jackpot has risen enough to make the machine a good bet giving the player an edge. This is why there are usually lines of hopeful players looking to take their shot at the huge payout and a place in Las Vegas history. Rumor has it that the winner will also get to take the machine home with them.

Even though Lion’s Share is the oldest 3 reel slot machine at MGM Grand, it enjoys the highest level of occupancy throughout the property which includes over 1,900 machines. Of course this is probably because there is only one left out the original 50 that were installed back in 1993.

Some gambling experts believe that there may be something nefarious going on with the game, but this will not deter the devotees from lining up to get their chance of walking away with over 2 million dollars and maybe even the legendary machine itself.


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