Crocodopolis Video Slot

Crocodopolis is a 25 line 5 reel Video Slot with a powerful innovative feature! The game boasts rich colorful graphics and animations combined inspiring sounds that mesmerize and capture your imagination. This is an exciting and intense game that offers a unique game play experience never before seen online.

Slide a Wild™ is a patented game feature where the player has manual control over the placement and behavior of certain symbols, in this case the wild (or substitute) symbol. Gameplay benefits are the player effectively sets their own game volatility and plays at their own preferred style. Moving the slider away from reel 1 increases the game volatility and the POWER of the wild is increased.

Slider on reel 1:
Wild appears in reel 1 as a wild with X2 MULTIPLIER

Slider on reel 2:
Wild appears in reel 2 as a wild with X3 MULTIPLIER

Slider on reel 3:
Wild appears in reel 3 as an EXPANDING WILD

Slider on reel 4:
Wild appears in reel 4 as an EXPANDING WILD with x3 MULTIPLIER

Slider on reel 5:
Wild appears in ALL positions on reel 5 with X3 MULITPLIER

A game where YOU have total control and POWER to WIN! Enjoy the experience that Crocodopolis brings, there is no other slot like it!

The face of online gaming is changing with this innovative 25-line 5-reel video slot. Its colourful graphics and animation, together with powerful animation, captures the imagination of online players, offering a unique and intense gaming experience never before seen online.

A first in the online gaming world, Crocodolpolis has the patented Slide a wild game feature as well as player shave manual control over where and how certain symbols appear, specifically the Wild symbol. Players can also set their own pace as they play for increasing winnings. By moving the slider from reel one to any of the other four reels, the game becomes less predictable, but more rewarding for the player.

More ways to win

If the Wild symbol appears on the first reel, then it symbol multiplies winnings two times; and on the second reel it multiplies it three times. By the time players go all in, so to speak, the wild symbol can multiply their winnings three times in all positions! This means players decide for themselves just how much they want to win and have the power to control this unique experience to their benefit.

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