Why Online Casino Doesn’t Accept Us Players

Why Online Casino Doesn’t Accept Us Players

Although leagalizing online casino is so much helpful for the economy especially for the US descending economy, still, they prohibit it. If an online casino accepts bets from a US players, they might be either breaking US law or perhaps their own licensing agreements. However, some online casino sites don’t accept bets from US players or from other jurisdictions that are attempting to prohibit online gambling just to remain on the safe side and to avoid any possible prosecution. It’s in the casinos’ own best interest not to accept these bets. However many online casinos do accept bets from US.

According to the UCLA Online Instityute for Cyberspace Law and Policy, the word “gambling” conjures up images of Las Vegas casinos, riverboat casinos, or, more recently, state-run lotteries. But in an era marked by the Internet, the new trend in gambling is occurring on the Internet. Online gambling, preferably online casino is at least a 0 million-per-year business. By the end of the century, online casino may be a billion-per-year business.

While the popularity of online casino is skyrocketing, ambiguity surrounds its legality. Although most states allow some form of gambling activities, many states seek to prohibit online casino because of the following four dangers unique to it:


The potential for fraud over the Internet

Children’s access to gambling sites

An increase in gambling addictions

The need to preserve state revenues generated from legally enforced (and state-run) gambling operations.

Several US states have taken action to prohibit online casino. Some states, including Minnesota and Missouri, have relied on state gambling laws or consumer protection laws to prohibit online casino. Although some states have taken decisive action to prohibit or regulate online casino, state regulation is largely ineffective because the Internet transcends state and national boundaries.

The gambling regulation in the U.S. has been reserved for the state governments. As is the case with the Wire Act, however, sometimes federal law supercedes state law. The Department of Justice has on many occasions expressed its belief that the Wire Act prohibits all forms of online gambling in cluding online casino and sports betting in all the U.S. states.

Until now, federal regulators and representatives of the financial services community testified before Congress that any attempts to enforce the UIGEA would result in serious regulatory burdens. A result of the testimony was new legislation introduced by Reps. Barney Frank and Ron Paul, proponents of legalizing and regulating online gaming, that would prohibit the Department of the Treasury and Federal Reserve System from implementing any regulations related to the UIGEA.

“It’s interesting, some of my colleagues tell us we can’t interfere with the WTO for global warming or the rights of workers, but are perfectly prepared to ignore it on behalf of interfering with people’s right to gamble, We have no right to censure the leisure time of individuals.” Said Reps. Barney Frank conference last year, concerned the act violates America’s obligation under the World Trade Organization.

The hearing came the day after fellow Republican Robert Wexler introduced his own Skill Game Protection Act, to legalize online casino. He questioned the “uneven state of the law” at the meeting, asking why current laws still allow people to place bets on horse racing and to play the state online casino games.

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