Online Casino Gambling – Lucky Nugget

Online Casino Gambling – Lucky Nugget

Article by Sherman Choo

Lucky Nugget was the 1st place I tried out the online casino gaming experience. Being totally new without any idea of which online casino was a good one, I decided to give this casino a try.

The main reason was because Lucky Nugget offered a 00 cash bonus and 1 full hour to try out their games. It seemed like a no brainer so I decided to give it a whirl.

There’re many games at lucky nugget, ranging from slot machines to table games. My favorite is black jack and roulette. Some folks like 3 card poker and slots machines.

Good news is Lucky Nugget aims to bring the feel of an Las Vegas fashioned casino to your gaming experience.

1. How to deposit

The easiest way to deposit is to use Entropay. Entropay is very quick to set up. If you can register for a hotmail account, or a gmail account, its exactly the same. Once you’ve registered for free, you then put funds into this account using your credit or debit card. There will be a small surcharge for this transaction. From Entropay, you’ll then be able to move funds and winnings to and from Lucky Nugget.

Reason you need Entropay is because, major banks do not allow funding of online casinos directly. Whether you’re in the USA or China, or Singapore, its the same everywhere.

2. How to cash out

Winnings are cashed out to the funding source. So if you used Entropay to fund your Lucky Nugget account, then the funds will be transferred back to your Entropay account. This takes a few days. In the beginning, Lucky Nugget will require a few documents to verify your identity, which includes a photocopy of your passport & utility bill.

There’re many different casinos you can play from, but if you’re just starting out, give Lucky Nugget a try, you’ll be assured a good experience.

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