My Slot Will Revolutionize Online Slots

MySlot from Microgaming


Microgaming is doing it again! They will soon unleash the most innovative online slot machine ever. The new video slot will be called My Slot or some may call it MySlot. Players will be able to fully customize their own 5 reel slot machine adding personal photos and whatever symbols they prefer. The customization does not stop there. Players will also be able to pick their own sounds, background colors, free spin settings and a lot more.


MySlot should be available at Microgaming casinos this month so keep an eye out for this very special new game. Also, keep in mind that Microgaming does not allow US players. Players will be able to make as many customized slots as they like with an infinite number of combinations and themes. There is no need for any special skills. All you will need are the images and music you want for your My Slot game that are on your computer’s hard drive.


Not only will your My Slot look and feel just the way you want it, but you will also have a great chance at big payouts. Players can win an amazing 51,320 coins from the reels or hit the jackpot of 153,960 from the free spin feature on max bet.


Now that you’ve found a new online slot machine that grabs your attention, it’s time to find an honest and secure casino that offers your soon to be favorite game. We have been online for over a decade and have dealt with all of the online casinos. We only recommend the ones that meet our tough standards. We highly recommend these Microgaming casino for the new My Slot Video Slot; Aztec Riches Casino ($850 Free), Golden Tiger Casino ($1,500 Free for 60 minutes) and All Slots Casino (up to $5,000 in bonuses).


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