World Series of Slots Grand Final


World Series of Slots


The 2008 World Series of Slots hosted by All Slots Casino is almost over. The Grand Final will take place from November 7, 2008 through November 10, 2008. Here is a little more information about this special event:


Buy-in – Win an entry in one of the feeder tournaments, one of the $25,000 weekend tournaments or buy in for $100


Prizes – The top 200 finishers will share the $200,000 prize pool


Top Prizes – 1st place: $100,000, 2nd place: $25,000, 3rd place: $10,000


Dates – November 7-10


What are slots tournaments you may be asking? Live slots tournaments allows players to compete against other players online for real prizes. The slots games play just like normal expect at the very beginning each player is allotted a fix number of coins and has a set amount of time to wager the coins. Once the tournament is over, the casino announces the winners and immediately credits their account with their winnings.


In order to participate in the World Series of Slots Grand Final, you must download the software and sign up for an account. Click HERE to download the software and get in on the action.


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