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Blackjack Tips 2012

Blackjack is one of the most frequently-played casino games for a good reason: it is one of the games where players can actively take measures against the house edge, through skill, perseverance and focus. Some live blackjack players can even turn the house edge around but that’s something for a different article. What can the average gambler do to protect his blackjack odds? It all starts when you walk into the casino. The cavalcade of bright lights, the sounds, the apparent sense of urgency in everything that goes on – it’s all designed to put pressure on you and thus to make sure your state of mind is not an optimal one. Cool down, give yourself a few minutes. Walk around the casino and check things out. No one can force you to start wagering as soon as you hit the floor. Never lose sight of your objectives. Everyone has a battle plan formulated well before he/she enters the casino. Stick to that plan and don’t let anything distract you.

Table selection is as important in poker as a healthy rakeback deal, and it’s just as important in the case of blackjack. Don’t you for a second believe that walking up to the first table or grabbing the first empty seat is the optimal way to go about this. Give it some time and take a table-spotting stroll. Try to spot tables where players are winning. The way to do that is to try to assess the size of the stacks in front of them and factor in the size of the stakes. If players at the table appear generally well-bankrolled, chances are you’ve just happened across a “dumping” table where the house is losing big.

Players being generous with their bets is another sign that you’ve found your winning table. People – gamblers included - are usually cautious when it comes to investing their heard-earned dollars. When they’re readily pushing chips into the middle, it usually means they’re expecting a nice return on them.

When you do find a table as the one described above, do not hesitate: jump right into the middle. This is a dealer-breaking table, which, unlike regular tables where the dealer breaks 25-27% of the time, sees the dealer break a massive 75% of the time through the shoe, which means a very high threshold of profitability. Though such tables are much less frequent than one would like them to be, it’s a fact that such cycles which tend to give players the advantage do occur.
Just as there are such dumping tables, there are tables that win quite a bit for the house. Needless to say, you should do everything to avoid such tables.

Basic strategy is the single best weapon of the player at the blackjack tables. Basic strategy comes in the shape of charts which clue the player in on the optimal decision based on his own upcard and that of the dealer. The house would normally enjoy a 5-6% edge on blackjack, but basic strategy can reduce that to 1%.

When playing blackjack online, you should always make sure that your casino accepts blackjack for bonus redemption. Preferably, you should also secure a poker prop pay - like loyalty deal.


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