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Ask the Questions - Don't Answer Them

As you move up through the various stakes of poker, both online and live, one attribute begins to become more and more common between the players and that is aggression. When we talk about aggression in the poker sense of the word we are not talking about shouting and being threatening but instead we are referring to betting and raising instead of simply calling the bets of others.

Weak players tend to only show any aggression when they have a legitimate hand were as stronger opponents, like those you may face during GSOP 6, will bet for a multitude of reasons, most of which are listed in the remainder of this article.

The first and most obvious reason to bet or raise is when you believe you have the best hand and you want to build a larger pot that you are a favourite to win. This point is so obvious that it would be a waste of time to explore it any further! Another reason to ramp up the aggression would be to protect your hand from being out drawn by your opponent. Imagine you hold a pair of black aces on a 5h-6h-Tc flop, a hand that is probably best not but there are plenty of turn cards that can show up that could see your opponent either outdraw you or at least have a great bluffing spot to push you off a better hand.

Which leads us to point three, betting or raising to force a better hand to fold. Imagine you call a raise with AcQc and the flop comes down 3c-7d-Js and your opponent bets out. You could call here but by raising the action you are telling him you have hit the flop and he would be hard pressed to call you if he held a hand such as AdKd. You are essentially bluffing in this spot, another reason for betting.

It should be now obvious to those studying the Betfair Casino no deposit bonus that betting and raising gives you more chances of winning a hand. By simply calling the only way to win the pot is by having the best hand but by raising and betting you can have the best hand or force your opponent to fold before you get to showdown. When at the poker table you should ensure you are the person asking the questions, that is betting to make your opponents be the ones answering the questions.


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