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Gambling Articles Archive - December 2008

 5 Pointers for Choosing an Online Casino - December 12, 2008

The explosive growth of the Internet gaming industry means that there are literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from when you want to gamble online. While many of these casinos promise attractive money back offers and have glitzy user interfaces, it's important to look beyond first impressions of an online casino and pick the casino that will ensure you enjoy a fair, high quality gaming experience.


 Betfair Casino's Zero Lounge - December 6, 2008

Belfair Casino is the only casino where there is a zero house-edge lounge. The company is calling it the Zero Lounge: an area where the games have 100% returns to player. For roulette they have removed the zero. This is an unprecedented move which other operators will be watching with interest – it goes against everything that casinos have been trying to do over the years – increase the edge!

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