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How to Handle Overly Aggressive Poker Players


This is one of the daunting tasks that are faced mainly by the beginners. Most overly aggressive poker players are often known as the loose players and their game play is usually the loose-aggressive game style. But it’s not always the case that all loose-aggressive players are beginners.

Overly aggressive poker players are the culprits who have made the game of poker seem to be very complex. Playing all hands that come in their way and also to include going all-in is the characteristics of the overly aggressive poker players.

TAG (Tight-Aggressive) Poker is usually played by the professional / experienced poker players and these guys are easily noticed on the table. Their game is calm and their stakes gradually increase bit by bit. But now when we focus on the overly aggressive poker players everything seems to be in a mess. Their stakes can increase rapidly over a short period of time and the stakes can be reduced in a very short time. Even during their game play, they do not have time to pile up their chips properly everything seems to be in a rush.

The difficult task is how to deal with these players. The players can be very unpredictable at times and in order for you to punish them severely you would have to play very carefully and tactile. This is when the big boys separate themselves from the small boys. And now, the experienced poker players would call these overly aggressive poker players as fish.

The only way to handle these overly aggressive poker players is for you to make use of math and effective strategies. I will outline some of the few steps that you would have to consider so as to eliminate these players effectively.

The very first moment you sit on the table you should be able to observe the overly aggressive poker players due to the way they make their bets. These players are easy to notice but you should not take things for granted. You should bee able to read their mind to what hand they are holding and the way they make their bets.

If you are playing the tight- aggressive game play then you can proceed to make a raise or re-raise. Bear in kind that loose aggressive players would never call it quits even if they are holding a hand that is meaningless. The only way to combat them is to play TAG (tight-aggressive) poker. By playing Tag poker this would mean that you would no longer play the A-2 off -suit but rather play the A-A suited, K-J suited.

Play tight all ways from pre-flop up until to the river and you should also note that the only way to avoid these players reading your mind is to play more aggressive and advanced than them.

Another effective way is to see the number of hands that they are playing. If they are playing almost each coming their way then this can seem to be a very easy task for you to punish them especially when you have been dealt a very good hand.

At times, position matters but playing with the overly aggressive players tends to be of no use due to the raises that they will be making during pre-flop. Position can also be at your advantage and you got to use it effectively as well but the most important thing for you to consider is playing a good hand against their hand.

You got to play calm and try by all means to avoid their donkey moves by playing hands which are very strong only. Don’t think of joining them bearing the fact that if you can’t beat them join them. Do not change you game style, this is poker and every player’s game style is unique so the moment you try to change your style so as to suit the overly aggressive opponents’ only leads you to confusion.

Don’t let these players blow your mind but rather play the game to your advantage and win lots of cash. Always avoid silly mistakes and make it a point that you do not base the game on luck but rather on math and tactic.


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