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Is It Possible to Play for Real Money Offline?


Many players enjoy playing online games in various casinos either for fun or trying to win some cash. What happens when the internet connection goes off? Do you have to stop playing because you are in a remote location?

"No” is the answer to the above concerns. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy your favourite games when you are offline. The best part is that you do not have to do it for fun because you can also try and increase your bank balance without the Internet connection. Offline games offer an excellent recreational activity where you can enjoy gambling without needing the Internet.

Your best bet when it comes to this is to determine an excellent casino that allows gamers to download the games they love. It is one of the best ways to make sure you have a thrilling experience anytime and anyplace regardless of whether there is a Wi-Fi connection or not.

There are numerous casinos that offer online slots. Note that offline games do not differ too much with the http://onlineroulettewheel.co.za/. This means that you will not miss out on anything should you opt to explore this option. You will only be tasked with the responsibility to identify an excellent platform to source the games you are fond of. Here are a few pointers on how to determine the best casinos where you can earn real money while playing offline games.

Attractive Gameplays

There is no need to die of boredom while playing offline games. Depending on the player’s preference, it helps to investigate the type of themes that a particular casino deals with. Most gaming dens try to mix up things so that players have the freedom to choose the games that will bring them the most joy.

Bonus Features and Other Symbols

It is interesting to learn that offline games come with bonus features and symbols that are similar to the online versions. These may include:

Instant prizes;

Free spins;


Wild Symbols.

These are normally triggered by different actions took by players giving that give a chance to have more fun with the game as he/she uncovers various winning possibilities.

Generous Payouts

Because you will be playing to earn real cash, it is also vital to look for the games that have high payouts. You can check out the ones with progressive jackpots and try your luck because these typically have some of the most significant winnings in the gambling industry. It is because these type of jackpots keep increasing until a winner is found.

Although the prizes are usually high, players must practice a lot of patience because winning probabilities are generally not high. If you are lucky enough to win the jackpots, you can end up being an instant millionaire.

Payout Percentage

Always remember to check out the payout percentages of the games that you decide to play to determine if they are worth investing. This percentage is usually the same for both online and offline games. It is known as the return to player percentage (RTP). If a game has an RTP of 98% it implies that when gamers spend $100, they usually get back $98. Note that the percentage is usually calculated over an extended period thus does not reflect daily situations.

Games with higher RTPs usually award wins more often allowing you to play more without having to increase your bankroll. The RTP for offline games usually varies from 85% or lower to 98%. It is recommended that you pick the ones with more than 90% because they typically award more often.

Keep in mind that offline games that come with progressive jackpots usually have lower percentage payouts. Do not blacklist these entirely because they typically have big payouts although it happens a few times. Try them out, and you may be the person to walk away with millions in winnings.

Payment Options

When looking to play for real money at a casino of your choice, it is vital to check out the payment and withdrawal method they support. This is because you do not want to end up getting inconvenient when playing the offline games. It may not be a problem with many casinos because they usually have multiple options allowing players to pick the one they like the best.

In most cases depending on the method that you choose, deposits may be instant while it may take some time to withdraw. The most common withdrawal and payment methods that the casinos use include:

Debit cards;

Credit cards;

Digital currencies, e.g. Bitcoin.



There are many reliable developers that create impressive offline games that you can play to earn real cash. Some of the notable ones in the industry include:





Playtech and a lot more.

As you can see the developers are in the business to power offline casinos with high-quality products. These are software providers that have been in the industry for years; thus know what the bettors anticipate. That ensures that you get a chance to access offline games that are 100% fair because the games are audited regularly to make sure they are at their finest.



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