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Pick a Champ: 3 Signs Your Horse is a Winner

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No one can predict the future, and this applies to everything, including horse racing. It would be nice if we could do that, though, because we'll be millionaires easily if we can. After all, we can be 100% accurate in which horses to bet on in a horse race. But the sad truth is that we don’t have that kind of power.

However, we can use another power to know which horse to bet on, which is the power of research. Yes, you heard that right. With the power of research, you can find clues and signs that a horse will win or have a good chance of winning, at least in a horse race. Thankfully, these signs are easily spotted if you know what you’re looking for. So, if you want to know the signs and clues to look for in a horse, then here are some of them.

Days of Rest

Horses, just like humans, need rest to survive. And in the context of horse racing, it needs rest to be at its top physical performance. Horses also feel tired, and that’s why they need rest before they can be at their best again.

That said, how much rest a horse should have. Generally, a horse that has rested between 30-60 days is the optimal number of days. You may have noticed that it has a cap, which is good. For example, a horse will participate in races on Saturday. However, it rested for at least a month. That means the horse won’t be at its peak performance.

If a horse has rested too much, it tends to be too relaxed even while on a race. Do you ever get that feeling after a long vacation that you just don’t feel like working again when you get back to work? That’s basically what a horse feels in this context.

You may think that this information is not very vital, but in fact, the number of days a horse rested has a huge impact on its upcoming performance, and you can use this information to gauge how the performance of a horse will go during the race.

Excellent Track Record

Of course, to start your research, looking at a horse’s track record should be the first thing you should consider. Typically, if a horse is a consistent top three in its most recent races, that horse is a good bet.

Although, you have to ensure that those races are recent or that information is irrelevant. You can check up on its last five races and see if the horse has a consistent top spot. That said, it should have at least 3 or 4 top three finishes for those last five races to ensure it’s consistent.

When you check that it’s consistent in being in the top three spots, you can then check for the factors on those wins. For example, the horse made a killing in those races because they were circuit type of races, and the tracks used synthetic surfaces. You can then cross reference those races to the current race and see if there are any differences.

Again, using the previous example, if the current race uses a straight one and is a dirt track, you best bet that the horse will adjust while racing. This is generally a bad sign because the horse will not be on its top performance, which almost guarantees it will finish in the last spots. We said almost because it’s not always this way. Sometimes, even if the odds are against a specific horse, it will still pull out a win. However, for the most part, it’s rare.

Repeat Contestant

Have you ever heard the saying, “Never expect a horse to do something it has never done before?” If so, you must be tired of hearing it because it’s one of the most popular sayings in horse racing but with good reason. You see, experience is key in horse racing, and if a horse has experience in a specific race before and has a history of winning the said race, then there’s a good chance it will win again in the race.

However, the opposite is mostly true. If the horse hasn’t won the race before, not even once, you shouldn’t bet on that horse because there’s a bigger chance of losing it instead of winning it. Sure, there are times when even if a horse doesn’t have a history of winning the race, it can defy all the odds and win the race, but this only happens rarely. But of course, if you feel that horse will win, then sure, go ahead and bet, but we recommend you not do so.

Final Words

These signs are easy to spot now that you know some of them. Of course, there are also other signs that you have to look for, like its behavior, the rankings, and even its emotional well-being, but those topics will be for another day. For now, if you spot these signs on a horse, then they are a good bet. However, just because they have these signs doesn’t mean that they guarantee a win.


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