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Chances are really high that you have already get acquainted with online video slots and make yourself familiar to the overall genre. Maybe you’ve even played through a couple of rounds before. Well, whatever your experience with slot machines is, you certainly understand that video slots are fundamentally different from traditional fruities where reels represent either mechanical strips or computer-based reels, rotated by a motherboard. Instead of mechanistic approach, video slot machines are operated by special software that cannot be seen, felt or touched. This property makes online slots quite similar to video games where the process remains technically all the same. Also, you may have notice that online machines have overtaken classics completely, outrunning ancient three reelers by gameplay. So, online slot machines are undeniably much more fun to play and easier to familiarize with.

General slot database counts more than five thousand titles, coming from various software houses, and that’s a whopping number. To acknowledge the scale just visit a resource like https://casinonlineslot.com where free online slots dwell. Even such a small library is able to leave an unforgettable impression on things. Indeed, video slots have evolved into a big narrative of multiple angles where genres and themes are not borders, but markers to move on. Yet storylines go one way, but features go another way, too. While slot makers compete hard to draw the audience by different themes, they do not forget to add uniqueness in terms of functionality. As a result, online slots have obtained a handsome appearance and interesting plots to follow. But how do you navigate through this diversity?

Different Types To Consider

The beauty of online video machines is in their broad types. Since they are based on a real computer program, slots can be designed in multiple fashions, opening a big space to creativity. Game studios apply this peculiarity to the fullest, and thus gamblers are happy to end up beside a large pit of options, different in shapes, colors, sounds and tastes. If you want to deepen your acquaintance with online slot machine, you would rather get to know the consequences of this software programing. We are going to look at commonly distributed types that can be found everywhere. Take a pen and a sheet of paper.

Three-Reeled Slots

It may be obvious by the header, but let’s point out evident things nonetheless: three reelers are classic slots, mimicking old-fashioned mechanistic machines. Traditions never die, so software makes are still quite enthusiastic about three-reeled games, because they are easy to grasp and popular within all categories of gamblers. Three reelers tend to have a concise paytable, they lack features and volatile a lot. Skill is required.

Five-Reeled Slots

A modern alternative to three reelers is an extended gaming grid of five reels. Since you can cram them with an endless number of paylines, that’s what providers really enjoy doing. So seeing a machine with like a million of lines is nothing new for iGaming. Five-reeled machines always have a minimum of features in the face of Scatters and Wildcards and offer affordable stakes for sensible bankrolls. Sometimes you can even find an adapted fruit machine to a five-reel concept. These are the most popular entries.

Progressive Slots

Another huge sort of slots is progressive jackpot ones, where the main focus of attention goes to winning a jackpot pool. Progressive slots are constructed as collective machines – they get a share of lost stakes to form a big jackpot which then is awarded to a lucky player, showing up at a right time. These games are usually linked to one another to accumulate a unified jackpot. Progressives have highest variances, most applicable bonuses and most of excitement.

Get The Theme Right

So, now when you know a little bit about types and sorts, it is time to dive to a deeper level to meet themes. Yes, it is not only films of TV series that have to revolve around some context – online slot machines also have to offer an interesting playthrough to keep gamblers by their seats. When it comes to themes, there are no limits and boundaries. You can become a cowboy, a Batman or even a lovely fish, looking its way to sea friends. Some themes might look very odd, but this ditch-classic-standards makes online machines a thing. Another perk to being an online goer is exclusives. Right up to some holiday or special occasion, slot manufacturers adore to present an extra seasonal option to celebrate the event. You can usually range slots by themes at online casinos, so sit tightly before browsing the overwhelming variety.

Staple Features

Finally, when you have a type and a theme, you need to wrap up your pick by selecting inside features. Modern slot features are tremendously different to what an ordinary machine could provide, so let us introduce you to the bread and butter of features. Although it is impossible to track down all of them, we will concentrate on essential extras to unusual features that are difficult to understand.

Wilds And Their Variations

Aside from being a regular replacer, Wildcards can go into much bonus detail. There are Split, Expanding, Random, Transferring, Colossal, Sticky, Stacked, Shifting Exploding Wilds, and that’s just the very beginning. Usually, these Wilds have a combination of classics and something fresh-baked connected to their movement across the reel chessboard. For example, Sticky Wilds substitute regulars, but at the same time they stick to reels for a number of rounds. As you can see, some names are self-explanatory.

Independent Features

By independent features we mean a range of functionality that has nothing to do with symbols and combinations. For instance, gamble card mini-game is operated in a different window, and the regime is initiated manually and optionally. There are various meters, bars to fill, mini-games that come additionally to the rest of features.

Bonus Gameplay

Bonus rounds differ from one slot to another. As a rule, slot makers keep some intrigue within bonuses so that no one knows how a bonus behaves until you finally activate it by a secret combination. It could be random freespins with multipliers, Wheels Of Fortune, playthrough scratchcards or something else.

Keep Your Eyes Ope

So, to choose a perfect online slot remember an easy step-to-step follow-up: range types and pick a sort, then decide on a suitable theme and only then take features into account. Hope this article could help you out in this immense ocean of online slots. Keep winning big.



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