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Gaming Market Overview: Why Free No Download Pokies are Booming in Australia

iGaming is one of the most booming industries in the world today, as it has made over billions since it all started. According to reports, the industry will make over $160 billion about six years from now. Some of the factors that will contribute to this increase are the emergence of new gambling platforms, accessibility on various mobile devices, and advancement in internet infrastructure.

A few decades ago, gambling was mostly available and trusted in land-based casinos. With the introduction of online gaming, more people decided to give it a try because they could play from the comfort of their homes, anytime. Besides, internet users increase daily to make things easier. Over 2.5 billion users of the internet currently play at online casinos, and many have made money from playing for real money.

Many countries have also contributed to the growth of the gaming market worldwide; Australia is one of them. Based on a research work "Digital Australia Report 2018" by Prof. Jeffrey E. Brand et al., 67% of Australians (12.4 Million Players) show an interest in playing video games online. However, there are unique games of interest, as well as those that are restricted.

Most of those playing casinos are only interested in having fun and spend their free time relaxing, rather than making money and winning a jackpot. Free pokies no download have become a real hit after customers' preferences changed. Now, they play online pokies for excitement and find new entertainment with no deposit bonus and free spins. Hence, the growth of free, no download pokies in Australia results from changing industry, change of priorities, and casino approach.

Aussie iGaming Market Development

The online iGaming industry changed Australia many years ago, and it is no surprise that many casinos stay relevant because of the interest Aussies show in the available games. It has got to a situation where Australian players determine what casinos remain or not, following the features each has to offer.

Gambling's history in Australia started in the 1700s; however, technology made it so much better than every person living in the country desires to participate. Even as there are challenges with online gaming, it doesn't change the fact that Aussies show undying interest.

Moreover, the Australian Government has shown its level of control over online gambling with laws and regulations in place. These regulations guide both players and online casinos available in the jurisdiction to ensure a decent gaming experience.

AU Legal Regulations

In the 1970s, the Australian Government prohibited card games due to unknown dangers to the entire population. However, there was a reversal when online gaming emerged in 1990. Also, the Government carefully reviewed the impact of the revenues that could be generated from this industry.

A decade later, The Australian Commonwealth Parliament came up with IGA – the Interactive Gambling Act to reduce how customers play for real money and run ads. To date, it has been a challenge in accepting these terms because every player has preferences.

In 2017, regulatory and licensing bodies were formed to help the Government enforce laws on casino sites and citizens with gambling addiction. Some of these regulatory and licensing authorities include – the Australian Capital Territory's Gambling and Racing Commission, the South Australia's Independent Gambling Authority, the Northern Territory's Licensing Commission, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, and the New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing.

Factors That Impact AU iGaming Growth

Comparing AU iGaming now and two years ago, a lot changed. Several things have come to light that has made Aussies interested in online casinos gaming like never before. For instance, technological advancement is a huge reason why most people would rather spend their time playing online than doing something less fun. However, below is a list of factors that have had an impact on the growth of the iGaming in Australia.

The Growing Number of Online Women Gamblers

In recent research, most Australian women were discovered to gamble more than men. Although it started many years ago with Bingo and Poker; however, the introduction of slot games has drifted the focus. Much is only expected from the men as the women show sufficient interest in online gaming.

Based on statistics, women spend more money, as they deposit 32 times a year, which is almost twice that of men (19 times). Also, loyalty rewards from Australian casinos show that women are more loyal customers than men.

Increasing Penetration of Credit and Debit Cards

Additionally, one of the things that made most people direct their interest in modern casinos is the availability of several payment options. Unlike a decade ago, where casinos involved physical cash, online slots websites require digital payments, such as credit and debit cards.

In the same vein, Bill payment services, PayPal, Visa Checkout are non-bank apps methods available. For instance, 59.1% of Aussies use Bill payment services, while 43.9% use online payment platforms like PayPal. Fortunately, there will be an increase in new payment technologies in a few years from today. Having convenient and accessible methods will increase the number of people playing online.

Changing Consumer Gambling Habits

Recent tech advancements of casinos helped customers have fun and enjoyed all sorts of wins, including cash prizes. With features like Instant Access, Social Games, AutoPlay, Mobile apps, etc., customers get a great shot at enjoying everything AU casinos have to offer. For instance, casinos with easy registration, fantastic themes, loyal programs, and beneficial bonus offer for newcomers.

Changing Market Strategies

The next factor contributing to the immense growth of the Aussie iGaming industry is the flexibility of the market. Constantly, strategies are developed to introduce more people into the iGaming to either play for free or real money.

A few years back, the industry depended on running ad services, through billboards, newspapers, TVs, etc.; however, social media has changed many things. With social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, where people are actively participating in them, it is possible to get a broad audience.

Depending on what comes in the future, market strategies are susceptible to change, as long as it brings people to the world of gaming.

2020 Crisis

Finally, a recent factor that impacted the gambling industry in Australia and worldwide is the 2020 Global Crisis. During the lockdown, many businesses went down; however, the gaming industry stood firm through it all. Australians spent 75% less money on gaming than all land-based casinos were closed.

In Australia, the casino sector, coupled with the health, food, and agricultural sector, has risen in the past couple of months, which is a good thing. The improvement in these sectors has helped the Government with generating revenues to help citizens through the pandemic.

Gambling Participation: Types of Gambling in AU

In Australia, there are many legal forms of gambling available to players. Pokies, Casino Table Games, Keno, Sports betting, Lotteries are the popular types available, different from Wagering's older forms. See below.

Minor Gaming: Art Unions, Raffles, Lucky Envelope.

Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs): Here, a random number generator is involved in facilitating wins. Pokies belong to this type of gaming.

Table Games: Casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette are available, where bets are placed on potential winning symbols.

However, the Australian Government advises citizens to gamble responsibly, since there are issues currently left unattended. In a bid to make that possible, a couple of regulating bodies and authorities were commissioned to oversee the industry's affairs.

Free No Download Pokies

According to market value, the Australian iGaming industry is worth over $50 billion and shows a likelihood of more in a few years from now. Sports and Horse Race Betting play a massive role in this growth; however, Pokies are the highest prevailing type of online gaming in the country, contributing about 56.7%.

Pokies being the most played has become a fancy hobby amidst Australians. According to Roy Morgan 2018 Research, more than 2.7 million Aussies between above the ages of 18, which is about 14.2% of the betting population have used a poker machine. Compared with others (about 10.5%) that placed a bet on harness race, horse race, or sports event - poker machines are leading.

Also, less gender imbalance is another reason why pokies are on the increase in Australia. Discoveries showed that 14.5% of men and 13.8% of women play pokies – not much of a difference.

Online Slots Development in Australia

The development of online slots in Australia can only be linked directly to technological advancement, making many conscious of better ways to be rich and have fun. With certain limitations lurking, it has managed to stay relevant in the hearts of the citizens for its development in the country. In this development, women players are not left out.

The following are attributes of technological advancement that has led to a significant development in Australia's online slots:


First of all, customers now have a chance of playing pokies online without going to a physical casino. Most of these online casino platforms are website-based and app-based for ease and convenience. However, there are many supported mobile devices, and there is a likelihood 80% of Aussies use good smartphones.

Game Selection

All Aussie casinos give a chance to win cash prizes or have fun in their leisure time. This comprehensive game selection results from various software providers that work more on their game portfolio to ensure every casino has more of their games for entertainment.

Banking Options

Most importantly, the availability of several banking options, such as Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, e-Wallet, Skrill, Neteller, etc., is another reason for development. It is a crucial factor most players like to consider before using any casino with pokies. With most AU casinos accepting various banking methods, it is only expected that things get better.

Types of Online Casinos

While online casinos are a significant part of the AU casino industry, there are various types of these casinos in which players show interest.

Download-Based Casino - Also called an app-based casino, it involves downloading a casino's app on a mobile device like Android and iOS for accessibility. Most download-based casinos have great features with good graphics, UI, and easy navigation for easy play.

Web-Based Casino - On the other hand, a web-based casino does not require any download. Most times, they don't require registration to get started. All a customer needs to do is make a deposit and start gaming to win.

Free Casino - A free casino is only designed for fun – no download, no registration, no deposit, and no withdrawal is involved. It is almost like a casino for DEMO accounts to practice some popular pokies.

Real Money Casino - Here, gamblers play for real money. A list of casinos and table games are available where deposit needs to be made before getting started. Place a bet on any game and unlock features that will increase winning potentials. Use these features wisely, and win cash prizes at the end of the game. Most people opt-in for real money casinos because it could help them win a fortune.

Top Australian Online Casino Software Developers

The success of online casinos in AU can only be due to the impact of software developers. There are hundreds of software developers that have produced all kinds of pokies, table games, and so on that users may be interested in; however, a few of them are extraordinary. The following are top AU online casino software developers and their role in market development.

BetSoft Gaming: Established and Reinvented in 1999 and 2006, it is the best in AU for 3D slots.

Booming Games: Launched in 2014, it is responsible for over 50 games. Their games are supported by players who use HTML 5.

Evolution Gaming: Launched in 2016, it is responsible for many Live Dealer Casino games on AU casinos.

IGT: Established over two decades ago, it is the first creator of most video poker machines.

Play' nGo: Launched in 2004, it is one of the biggest providers of games suitable for desktop and mobile.

Real-Time Gaming (RTG): This provider prides itself on over 300 games, including classic and video slots. It was launched in 1998 and currently provides card, table, specialty, and progressive games.

Others include – iSoftBet, Quickspin, Rival Gaming, etc.

Social Casino Games

A social casino involves playing games like pokies, roulette, baccarat, video poker, an app, or a website. The casino's design was to make sure users get to play with online friends at any time of the day via mobile devices. A perfect social platform that offers casino games services is Facebook.

On Market Insights, social casinos have experienced stable growth in the past couple of years, and there is a likelihood it grows beyond its current status in the next 2 to 3 years. Factors that will contribute to its growth include the increase in smartphones, an improvement in gaming and traffic, the global population, etc.

Now, it doesn't mean there won't be challenges that could want to limit this growth. For instance, bad internet connection and unfavorable government regulations are limiting factors. Social casino games live up to expectations, as it helps build strong relationships through player-to-player interaction. The same wins made through these games will help improve a player's financial status.

Accessing each of these social casino developments is relatively easy, as long as there is a stable internet connection and a good smartphone or PC.

Social Casino Games is another type of game that allows Aussies to have fun via online platforms, such as Facebook. It also seems like the perfect place to build relationships via interaction with other players with the same interest.

Currently, a bill to ban social casino games has been passed (first reading) in the Australian Federal Parliament's House of Representatives. The Government of Australia means well to protect its citizens from potential risks. It has been discovered that they are perfect ways to promote online casinos in the state.

Illegal Online Casinos

Nowadays, there is a rising number of illegal online casinos. Their presence has impacted legal markets with licensed providers who offer free pokies online. The first sign that makes an online casino illegal is if it is unlicensed.

During the 2020 Global crisis, web searches and traffic show that illegal online casinos boomed, even after Australia's Government tried every possible means to block these websites.

Based on reports on online traffic data via Analytics Firm SEMrush, there was an increase in web searches for online Pokies in Australia from 12,000 to 40,000. Along with Google Trends data, users searched for “online casinos Australia” and “online poker” more often in 2020 compared to previous years. Out of these searches, many of them directed users to illegal websites to play for real money.

The Government's best defense in this situation was to carry out a "mass-cleansing" via the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Over 52 illegal online casinos were asked to be blocked by online service providers. Also, the Government promised to run campaigns to educate people on the risk of using illegal online casinos, affecting their finances. However, it is a long-shot since several people are battling problem gambling.

AU Gambling Market Trends

For every market, there is a trend depending on what is introduced. In the past few years, things changed in the iGaming market, and it gained many users across the world. For a country like Australia, where gambling is legal – however, with regulations, many things contribute to this trend.

For instance, last year, there was a slight decline in the proportion of Australians gaming. The gambling population fell from 64.7% to 47.9%. The majority of citizens are younger since other available options, such as entertainment, music, etc. Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that Australia is one of the most prominent places with the highest number of gamblers. Many things are expected in the next few years, and these trends are somewhat what makes it invaluable. Below is a list of the top trends of social casinos.

● Augment Reality (AR) Technology
● Virtual Reality (VR) Technology
● 5th Generation Wireless Technology
● Cloud iGaming
● Virtual Sports

Generally, the online casino is the largest sector in the gambling world today, since it accommodates several people from different parts of the world for two significant purposes – entertainment and profits. Online pokies mostly appreciated in Australia, having the highest population of players, one could only imagine the revenue generated annually. Based on recent projections, the revenues of the iGaming industry will continue to grow steadily with technological advancement leading the forte.


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