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Mobile Casino Using Siru Payments


Siru Mobile is a payment option which allows you to pay your online bills only by using your smartphone. It is accessible to such an extent that one telephone call is sufficient enough to approve your online payment (like a payment to a Siru Casino) and get it charged to your next telephone bill. Its system is such that it's compatible with all devices from desktops to tablets, and you do not even need to have a smartphone. You won't be shocked to discover that Siru Mobile is situated in Finland and has offices in Norway, Sweden, and the U.S. (California).

The new tech of invoice payment solutions are the fastest developing financial system, and they're already the second biggest company in the Scandinavian countries. Siru provides several benefits to users. For one, this is a generally available funding option, as most players will have a telephone that they can use so as to charge their payment. The procedure is likewise fast and easy to complete, making this an effective means of payment.

You can go through the procedure on your cell phone now and afterwards pay for it as a part of your typical bill payment routine.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals Using Siru

To use this service, you will require no more than a functional telephone number, which will be confirmed through an SMS. The registration procedure is done in only a couple of steps – you can simply create your unique Siru Wallet account by entering your telephone number. Then you will receive a password code that allows a user to log in and finish the whole process.

Uploading funds and submitting payments are performed through the same Wallet account. Payment into the wallet is made basically by uploading funds and verifying the deposit entry. The transaction is confirmed by calling the number displayed on your phone screen, and that finalizes the process. The amount that you choose will be added to your telephone bill and charged via your monthly phone subscription.

The Siru Mobile design doesn't allow any withdrawals. Other means will have to be utilized to withdraw your money from your online casino account.

Timeframes and Fees

The transaction charges for using this platform will rely upon the genuine service/product you're buying and your mobile provider. The charges amount will be shown on the screen before the transaction is finalized and the user can prematurely end the procedure anytime and drop the transaction before the purchase is made. There are no deferrals in processing time, and in the event that you experience any issues with uploading funds to your account balance, customer service is available to look you're your inquiries.

Why Use Siru Mobile

Without asking their users to create nitty-gritty member profiles or experience a tedious and depleting signing up process. This platform is probably the quickest methods one can use for online casino deposit when you play for real money and free play slots U.K. The additional worth is that this system doesn't require any connecting of your payment cards or bank account to your wallet. You'll never again need to stress over having sufficient funds on your bank account – the fee for purchases will reflect on your monthly phone bill.

Once you've have completed at least one full transaction, you'll be able to check all your activities on the My Siru section of the company's site. Always keep in mind that this platform is a paying service and incur charges, which add to the cost of the telephone calls associated with the activity. It offers access to its technical support through email at support@sirumobile.com. In case a transaction is cancelled (like when you have not gotten the product or service you have requested), the platform enables the refund. However, it may hold on some fees.

That does exclude the likelihood to withdraw your casino winnings since Siru's solution works only as a "money in" alternative. The utilization of the invoice payments is limited to 300 euro monthly per user. The highest possible buy is presently 60 euro; however, this may change later on.


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