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Mobile Casino - Better than Desktop play?


New mobile casinos have become the first choice for a majority of players (in the year 2015 it was for the first time more people casino on their smartphones than on ordinary computers), and online casinos have today come a long way on the mobile front and often offer games on iPhone/iPad and Android as well as other devices. If you want to try playing on your mobile, you will notice that it can be straightforward and the graphics are mostly top class. In this article, we will answer questions regarding Game selection, deposit/withdrawal, security, versions of operating systems, and other good stuff to know! If you are trying to find a new casino that offers mobile games, then head over to https://newmobilecasino.ca, and you will have a vast library of reviews, guides, and other stuff to help guide you on your gambling adventure.

Game selection

Today, the game offers are great for those who choose to play in their mobile or tablet. However, it is still the case that all games are not available to you who use the casino's mobile site. However, expect a very abundant range of slots and various table games. The casinos that NewMobileCasino.ca list on their website has greater range than many other casino guide sites. Something that is also good to know is that you can also enjoy live casino games on your mobile.


The same security as for computer gaming applies to mobile devices, and money transactions are always encrypted. The software used in all mobile casinos with a license is tested regularly to ensure absolute randomness by the algorithms powering the games.

Operating systems and software

Ideally, it would be better if you had a relatively new mobile for the best experience. Most often, even older versions work, but it is not certain that everything works completely perfect.

HTML5 - The cornerstone of a good gaming experience

HTML5 is a new standard for web pages, and one advantage of HTML5 is that there is no need for individual plugins like Flash and more, which are not always compatible with mobile operating systems. HTML5 works with all operating systems and browsers, which means that you can play directly through the Web page and you don't have to download apps and stuff like that.

Where to play casino in mobile

Smaller game windows get different meanings depending on what you are playing. When it comes to roulette, for example, there are different solutions from the game manufacturers. Whether you choose portrait or landscape mode, you sometimes don't see the entire canvas and reels at the same time but are forced to scroll. NetEnt Touch, for example, has perhaps the best solution by first displaying game as the whole screen and then after the bets are made it automatically move over to show the reels and pay-lines.

Blackjack is better visually presented in landscape view, and the same applies to most video poker. By the way, video poker is quite ideal to play on mobile or tablet because these have a touchscreen, which is natural for these games.

Even slots usually make themselves better in a landscape mode on mobile whether it be iPhone or Android. Especially when it is games that include five wheels and not three.

That’s all from us for now. Enjoy your next spins!



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