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Why Some Games of Chance Can Disappear from Casinos


Year in and year out, many players around the world have been visiting land-based and online casinos to try their luck on their favorite games of chance. For some players, gambling has become a hobby, while others have always considered it as a way to raise additional money. But the common thing that unites them all is the thrill and entertainment peculiar to gambling, and these players can hardly imagine their leisure time without their favorite games.

However, citing the latest gambling news and the concept of some games, there is a strong possibility that the games you’re fond of will be not considered as gambling anymore and become skilled-based. The worrisome news is on the agenda! Should we be anxious? Let’s see.

Skill vs Luck

As the name suggests, the outcomes of games of chance are based on pure luck. Indeed, be it roulette, where the only skill you need is the ability to count the roulette probability of winning or slots, where you’re supposed to click one button to get a win, all that you need, is luck. But when it comes to such casino entertainments as poker and blackjack, you may realize that they are far from being only amusing, and playing these games is not a cakewalk. Therefore, the last several years have been full of discussions on whether some variations of table games should bear the label “skill-based.”

Action Has Already Been Taken

IMany poker enthusiasts and professional players around the world have lately been trying to shift the emphasis on poker from luck to skill. Stars of poker industry like Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, and Phil Hellmuth didn’t just get lucky over thousands of hands throughout their careers, but they earned their fortune with the help of analytical capabilities and mathematical set of minds.

Moreover, steps were taken at the legislative level as well. The first country to take action was the US, where players in many states have long been banned from participating in gambling activities. In 2012, U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein ruled that poker is a game of skill, the move which almost immediately created a real stir among poker fans.

Is Poker Indeed Skill-Based?

To find the answer to this question, we should at first figure out what part of poker prevails — luck or skill. As any casino card game, the player’s success while playing poker partly depends on which cards they are dealt: if your hand is one of the lowest, your chances of winning are small, and if you receive a Royal Flash, the win is guaranteed. However, what is really amazing about poker is that if you know how to bluff properly, you can always win, regardless of your hand. Bluff can help you leave the table as a winner, even if you have a High Card or a Pair.

So, the only thing which could make people think that poker is a luck-based game is disproved, which means that there are no reasonable grounds to refer to poker as to a game of chance.

What About Blackjack?

Blackjack is also considered to be a game that requires knowledge and the ability to memorize cards in order to win, but in terms of skills, it can hardly be compared to poker. Unlike poker, when you play Twenty-One, your hands are practically tied and you can’t change the outcome of a game round. All that you need to know is when to hit and when to stand, while the cards you’re dealt determine your chances of winning.

What to Expect?

Only time can tell us what will happen to poker and blackjack, and all we can do now is go into speculation. There are reasonable grounds for referring to poker as to a game of skill, whereas blackjack seems to be more luck-based. Keeping that and the recent buzz around poker in mind, we can firmly say that, soon or later, the game will be recognized as skill-based and may not be associated with the gambling industry. After all, there are no professional slot players, while poker is literally crawling with them.



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