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How to Use Free Spins and Promo Codes As Your Promotional Strategy


Online casinos consistently organize bonus campaigns to gain new customers. For example, you can see some campaigns organized by a popular online casino by clicking here: Red32. These campaigns can be divided into two categories. First, there are free spins campaigns that are usually part of the welcome bonus. Second, there are some bonuses activated using promotional codes. In this article, we will examine both of them separately and explain how you can use them together most efficiently.

Free Spins Campaign

We can say that this campaign is presented in two different ways. It is often offered in a no deposit bonus campaign, and all you have to do to complete is to complete the registration procedure. The number of free spins available in this way is limited and usually does not exceed 25-30. Sometimes they are presented in a welcome bonus, so they become part of a package. In such campaigns, it is even possible to win 200 free spins. If the online casino has just opened and needs to attract the attention of potential customers, this number may further increase. No matter what category it is, the common features of these campaigns are:

● Free spins can be used immediately, there is no need to wait.

● If a profit is made, you are not allowed to withdraw it immediately. You are first asked to complete a playthrough requirement. This requires you to wager a certain multiplier of the profit amount. For example, if you earn 200 USD, you may be asked to make 2,000 USD wager first.

● Free spins are often limited to a particular provider. So you can't use them in every slot game. Casino management determines in advance which games will be part of the promotion.

In any case, it's good to be able to spin for free: Slot games make the highest payouts during bonus rounds like free spins. There are even slot machines that are well-known in this regard, for example, Starburst. That's why you'll usually see that game in this type of campaigns.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are similar to bonus campaigns that can be used at any time. It is possible to compare them with coupon codes. The free spins campaigns mentioned above are mostly available once. However, it is possible to use promo codes more than once and to gain something every time. You can earn extra free spins using the correct code. Or, you can achieve a high deposit match rate. The outcome will be determined by the casino management. The common features of this campaign are:

● Promo codes are only valid for a certain period of time and must be used before this period expires.

● This period is often very short and does not exceed one week. Therefore, you need a resource that gives up-to-date and accurate codes.

● You may be asked to make a deposit to use some promo codes. The code becomes active only after the minimum amount has been deposited.

So, is it possible to use these two campaigns together and turn it into a strategy?

How to Combine Them

The first thing you should know about this is that casinos do not allow multiple bonuses to be used at the same time. So, for example, if you benefit from the welcome bonus, you cannot switch to another bonus before it ends. This rule is quite strict. Therefore, you cannot use promo codes and free spins at the same time.

What you need to do is to prepare yourself in advance to use them repeatedly. An ideal strategy should be:

● Find an online casino where you will become a new member. Choose a reliable casino that gives you the most free spins.

● Complete the membership process and get your free spins bonus. If possible, use them all within 24 hours.

● If you make a profit, complete the playthrough requirement. Your bonus remains active until this is completed. So you can't benefit from another campaign.

● Meanwhile, find a reliable and up-to-date promo code site. Better yet, sign up for the casino newsletter - so that promo codes will be sent to your email address.

● If possible, subscribe to the VIP club or try to earn loyalty points. Club members or loyal members gain more promo codes.

● Earn new free spins using the promo codes as soon as you complete the welcome bonus. Repeat this process regularly. The main idea here is that there should be no “empty time”. So make sure you always use a bonus as long as you remain a member.

This is a long-term strategy. If you constantly use a bonus actively, you will start to benefit in a few months. The longer you continue, the more benefit you will get. As your membership continues, your loyalty level will also increase and you will be able to get higher level promo codes. Note, however, that you may also be asked for a playthrough requirement for the free spins (or other bonuses) you get with the promo codes.


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