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Are DC Superheroes Slots Worth the Hype?


It’s been a funny time for followers of Playtech games recently. For a few years, the software developer was synonymous with the Marvel brand. It had partnered with the comic book giants to create several highly popular slots based on Marvel’s movies, including Iron Man, X-Men and The Incredible Hulk. In fact, almost all Marvel superheroes got an outing. There was even a Marvel Roulette game, which had the added incentive of a being linked to the (four-tiered) progressive jackpot game like the slots.

However, with little warning to the casual player, Playtech suddenly removed the Marvel games from casinos that stocked their games. There was a hurried roll out of Age of the Gods series to replace the Marvel games. In terms of features and gameplay, many of these AotG slots shared the same traits as their Marvel predecessors. For example, AotG Prince of Olympus is more or less the same game as The Incredible Hulk, using Expanding Wilds, Hercules’ Rage (Hulk Smash) etc. An Age of the Gods Roulette was also introduced to replace the Marvel version.

Unless you were an avid fan of the comic books and movies, most slot players were happy enough as the same features (and jackpot structures) were available. However, Playtech then went and signed a mega deal with Marvel’s great rival, DC Comics. Over the last year, releases featuring Superman, Batman and the rest have been coming thick and fast. DC Superheroes slots are available to play at (among others) Slots Heaven, Coral, William Hill Casino and BGO. You can follow the link to enjoy free spins without depositing now to check them out.

Anyway, the question begs – was it necessary to have so many DC Superheroes games when AotG was already a decent replacement for Marvel? The answer is, surprisingly, yes. Playtech have used something of a blank canvas to create some of the most innovative slots around. As usual, there have been some ‘misses’: The Dark Knight slot is exactly the type of, somewhat boring, game that gets on players’ nerves after a while. Superman: Man of Steel also gets a bit repetitive, despite having some interesting special features.

However, on a whole, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Batman Begins, Justice League and Batman vs Superman are among the best slots out there today, matching fun gameplay and cool graphics with innovative ways to win. Indeed, some of the retro Batman games – Batman and The Riddlers Riches, Batman and the Penguin Prize – are less flashy, but come up trumps in terms of offering something different to the norm. All the DC Superheroes games are linked to a four-tiered progressive jackpot award. At the time of writing, the big jackpot, Grand, is sitting at over £1.3 million.

The short of it is that we, as players, seem to be the real winners when it comes to Playtech losing its range of Marvel slots. We (nearly) got a like for like replacement series with Age of the Gods, but the tie-up with DC Comics meant that Playtech had to come up with some creative new concepts to match all the branding opportunities. There are some mediocre titles and there is also the annoyance of Playtech’s continued policy of signing exclusive deals to ensure you only find their games at select casinos, but we are more or less in a golden era of superhero slots. With so many DC Comics movies mooted, it’ll be interesting to see if Playtech can keep up.



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