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How To Compare UK Betting Sites 2019

Over the last decade, comparison sites have become an important resource for finding the best deals online. In the gambling industry, there are many of these websites that help punters compare UK betting sites. When comparing each company there is not just a single factor that makes the best site and in this article, I will go through the different points that need to be considered before risking your own money.

#1. UK Betting Sites Welcome Offer

One of the first points you need to compare at a comparison site is the size along with the terms and conditions of the betting sites welcome offer. These are the most profitable promotions that are only available once for new players. Due to the competition in the industry, the free amounts of bonuses on offer can be vast amounts but caution needs to play a factor as sometimes the deals can be too good to be true. To be able to find out if the sign-up promo is worthwhile you will need to check factors such as the wagering requirements, games available for the bonus along with maximum payout levels.

#2. Ongoing UK Betting Promotions

It is important that punters use every advantage they can gain to attempt to put the odds in their favor to beat bookmakers. One of the best ways to achieve this is by making sure that each time you make a deposit that a promo is redeemed at the same time. It will mean that your odds are increase and risks are less. Before signing up visit the betting sites promotional page to discover all the ongoing promotions so that you can compare to find out which website offers the greatest rewards on a regular basis.

#3. In Play UK Sports Betting

One of the best ways to win when betting on sports in via in play betting which over the last 10 years has become extremely popular. When comparing bookies you should make sure that your preferred options are available and not just settle for a standard sportsbook. That means finding one with lie options along with the gambling markets that you know best.

#4. UK Sports Betting Odds

One of the most time-consuming aspects that is required if you want to make the most money from your bets is finding the best odds for the bet you wish to place. This is where comparison sites can save you countless hours trawling through betting sites as all the odds are displayed on a table so it makes it fast and easy to find the highest paying odds.


There are many other factors such as if the site works well on mobile devices, the speed of payouts, maximum and minimum withdraw limits and more. It is also vital that the reputation of the betting website needs to be checked out via review sites along with player’s forums. This is a great way to know if the platform is trustworthy so if you see negative reviews you should stay clear from placing bets.



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