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How to Choose the Right Slot Machine?


If you are visiting a town with the best of the casinos or you want to try hands on slots, then choosing the right slot machine is the first primary step to be followed.

Slots are colourful, attractive and easy to play casino games. With the different themed gambling machines such as adventure, fruits, classic and so on, you can easily find one of your choices.

Among the numerous slot machines, you may get into the muddle. Here are the few tips that will help you find the best slot machine that can proffer good winnings to you.

● Cascading Reels

Cascading feature which is also known as tumbling reels is something that is made to offer you lots of winning chances. Unlike standard reels, rainbow reels slot will start paying you lots of money once you land the winning combination on the screen. The time when you get the money, all the winning symbols will get disappear, and another symbol falls down at its place. This increases the chances of winnings.

● Maximum RTP

Return to the player (RTP) is the percentage of the staked money that is paid back to the players by the slot machine over time. This may vary between 80-98%. Though, casinos may not clarify the actual RTP of a slot. You may find it somewhere in the machine itself. It is generally found in the help section of the slot.

Either, you can look for the RTP in the slot review available on various search engines. Play the slot with the highest RTP to maximise the chance of winnings.

● Jackpot

Select the machine with the smallest jackpot. Since the bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to hit. It may be the small sum as compared to the maximum jackpot, but the odds of winning are much more in the smaller ones.

Further, there are two types of jackpots. One is random, and the other is progressive. As the name suggests, random pop-up anytime and they are fixed.

However, in the progressive jackpots, the amount depends upon the number of players speculating it. This may empty your pocket or either fill it up with lots of money. Thus, it is recommended to go for the random jackpot that lowers the risk of losing a considerable sum of money.

● Volatility

The volatility of a slot refers to the risk involved in playing a particular slot. The slot that bestows frequent winnings of low to the mid-sized amount is considered as low volatile. While the high volatile slots award the player with the high amount at random flow. Medium volatility gambling machines offer the players with frequent low and mid-sized winnings.

The choice is entirely up to you. If you want to take the high risk and have the higher bankroll, get thrilled with the high volatility slots while if you want fun with a lower bankroll, select the low volatility ones.

● Play in the Prime Location

Casinos’ primary goal is to earn more at the expense of customers. They keep the loose machines at the place that grabs most of the attention.

When the passerby gets a look of victory enthusiasm of the winner, they get fascinated, and most of them make attempts. With this casinos marketing strategy, you can increase the chances of winning odds.

● Pore Over the Reviews

Flip over the reviews jots down by the experienced players. These reviews will give you honest and genuine facts about a particular slot along with the ratings. Do not go with the slots that are advertised attractively. They might mislead you. Be wise! And get all the information at just a single click.

● Higher Denomination Slots

Go for the gambling machines that have higher denominations. They have a higher payback percentage. You will find the higher payback percentage of dollar slots as compared to the quarter ones. Similarly, the quarter slots endure higher than the nickel ones which have in turn higher than the penny slots.

Thus, it is recommended to select the dollar slots for better winning chances.

● Classic Slots

Video gambling machines nowadays are much popular with its appealing interface and sound. These gambling machines attract lots of gamblers as well as visitors. However, the video and features take a little longer to display.

These slots lower the earning of the casino and so to compensate it, they programmed it in such a way that it grabs a good sum from the customers.

Thus, its RTP is 5 % less than those of the classic slots. Therefore, its payback is far less than the standard machines. So, try for the classic ones since old is gold!

The gambling machines are the most straightforward casino games that could be learned quickly. Also, choosing the right slot may yield a good sum of money and can fill your pockets. Follow these tips to increase the probability of winning and blow away the cobwebs with the exciting slots.



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