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Blockchain set To Revolutionize iGaming


Online casinos though bringing gambling closer to millions are prone to cheating and fraud that keeps many would-be gamblers away. However, in place of this, many online casinos are embracing blockchain tech which is proving to be the much needed positive change in the iGaming industry. By eliminating manipulation and improving trust, blockchain-based casino games is attracting back bigger players in the droves thanks to the transparent fair gaming it brings.

Other than promoting safer, faster transactions and securing bets, the digital tech comes with a plethora of advantages for punters placing wagers for real cash. The tech for one doesn’t limit the number of transactions and withdrawals; it also uses an automated code to conduct said activities without involving intermediaries thus bringing down transactional fees to zero. Using this tech, deposits, and payouts are made instantly in a safe, open and secure environment.

FairPlay.io Casino

Punters are beginning to see how crypto gaming is disrupting traditional gambling. FairPlay.io casino incorporates b2b blockchain tech which houses provably fair games thanks to blockchain and smart contracts tech integration. The TruePlay algorithm used in this crypto casino ensures that players get fair gaming, a trustable platform that is equal to the casino, gamblers, and affiliates.

The algorithm provides all parties involved with full access to game statistics. Players remain in control of all the activities they undertake from the onset until they culminate their gaming. The statistics provided are accurate and complete and remain on the open ledger making it impossible for the casino nor the punter to make any alterations. Blockchain tech grants developers and casinos decentralized access structure to the gaming content. They are shielded from aping other brands and games.

TruePlay algorithm uses complex equations that facilitate fast and secure transactions taking out third parties, expedites withdrawals and eliminates transaction fees making decentralized sites the best gambling platforms. FairPlay decentralized casino is the first of its kind to earn a cryptocurrency gambling license. Players on this platform can place wagers using; ETH, BTC, and TPLAY tokens.

Gamers using TPLAY tokens have their payments processed within seconds. When you register with FairPlay casino, you automatically receive a TruePlay wallet. The platform grants you full access to real-time data and statistics which help you make conscious decisions as you continue playing your favorite games.


FairPlay offers gamblers provably fair gambling. They are in full control of their gaming from the start till the end. The real-time stats help gamers make better gaming decisions, and the platform ensures that gaming is secure, safe and fair.



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